ABI Corporation is a team of quality minded people constantly striving for and driven by the highest customer satisfaction with a dedication to quality and service unmatched in the field of concrete construction.


ABI is a CFA certified contractor that has been serving the Kansas City metro area for over 45 years. We have a dedicated team, most with over 15 years’ experience.

Our skilled drafters take the plans provided and redraws them for every individual project. This allows for double checking of dimensions, locations of piers, beam pockets, etc. When the drawing is completed we can compare the drawing to the plot plan for consistency in size. At this point, we are able to fax a copy to the builder for verification if they desire.

After the print has been verified, the plan will be used for layout. Typically, we will do the layout while the excavator is still on the site to make sure the excavation is correct.

Redrawing the plan for each lot eliminates any confusion during the construction process. The drawing will contain all information regarding brick ledges, front porch style, 2 car garages or an added post for a 3 car garage plus much more. Because this information is readily available to the crews working on the site we can insure accurate construction in a timely manner.

After the wall is poured the plans are used for waterproofing. Having the plan while waterproofing allows for correct placement of a sump pit and drain tile.

If any changes need to be made between the time you verify the plans and construction is completed we are able to revise the drawing and provide everybody involved with an updated plan. Once construction of the foundation is complete we save the plans on our computer. This is very beneficial if changes were made to the original plan. For instance, say you decided to expand the living room by 4′ and you are getting ready to set beams and columns. If the basement floor is already poured you may be unsure if the post locations were re-centered to accommodate the 4′ growth. All you need to do is call us and we can pull the plans up on the computer and have an answer for you in a matter of seconds.