To promote and extend the lifespan of these valuable resources.

City Scrap Metal. Inc.

City Scrap Metal Inc.

At City Scrap Metal, sustainability of our earth's valuable resources is a driving factor in our recycling of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.  It is our mission to promote and extend the lifespan of these valuable resources by providing competitive pricing and quality services while keeping safety and the environment at the forefront.  

City Scrap Metal is a scrap processor; taking small and large lots of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, by separating, cleaning, and packaging we make feedstock for primary and secondary metal mills in the United States and abroad.

City Scrap Metal strictly follows all laws governing the recycling industry set by the State of Missouri and the City of Lee's Summit.

Valid State Issued Picture I.D. is required.  Expired I.D.s are not valid.  Preferred form is a state issued Driver's License.

During each transaction:
1.  The weight, quantity or volume of the acquired regulated metal property is recorded.
2.  An image of the person receiving payment for the material is captured.
3.  Each customer must sign their ticket prior to payment being issued stating the regulated metal property is his own personal property, free of encumbrances, is not stolen and that he has permission to sell the item.
4.  A check is issued for payments $500 and greater.
5.  A copy is made of the seller's valid driver's license or photo identification issued by a state or United States Government.  It is up to City Scrap Metal to decide if the picture identification is allowable.
6.  A record of the vehicle used to deliver the material is recorded; license plate number, make, model, and color. 

Documentation showing ownership is required for items from government entities, utilities, cemeteries, historical societies, railroads, roadways, schools, signage, or any other items being sold that any employee of City Scrap Metal suspects ownership could be in question.    

City Scrap reserves the right to refuse any item at our discretion.
Please call to see if City Scrap Metal can accept your material