Building Relationships for Over 100 Years



All construction contractors buy the same materials and machinery. It is the people that make the difference. Our business is built on customer satisfaction that leads to repeat business. People call us back, not because we have great machinery, and we do, but because they trust our people. Our customers know we stand behind our work and they know that we are completely obsessed with customer satisfaction.

Statement of Values:

  • We value long term relationships over short term profits. 
  • We value the concerns of individual citizens as key representatives of our municipal customers.
  • We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our employees through adequate wages, health care, retirement benefits, disability benefits, and a healthy working environment. 
  • We seek to provide a workplace that encourages creativity, innovation, continuing education, and the personal development of our employees. 
  • We strive to provide a safe and hazard free working environment for our employees and customers.
  • We believe honesty and integrity are the most important elements of every business decision.
  • We believe it is important for the company to earn profits sufficient to provide for its future growth and stability.